Wrist & Hand Pain

Wrist and hand pain can be the result of an injury or a chronic condition. When it comes to arthritis in the hand and fingers, it affects people of all ages compared to arthritis in larger joints. Injuries are also common for athletes or those who use their hands a lot in their work, like construction works and secretaries. As we age, ligaments, bones, and muscles in the hands can begin to tear, and other injuries can become more frequent. Age also tends to increase stiffness, pain, and deformity in the hands and wrists. These conditions and injuries can majorly impact everyday activities.

Patient experiencing wrist pain and in need of Advanced Joint Pain Relief

How We Can Help Relieve Wrist & Hand Pain

Surgery is the recommended treatment for several wrist and hand conditions. Unfortunately, surgery means hospitalization, and surgery in the hands and wrists tend to come with a relatively slow recovery period. Surgery also comes with several risks and complications, including post-surgical pain, adverse reactions to anesthesia, infections, or nerve damage. Again, in many cases, wrist and hand functions may not fully return after surgery.

At Riopelle Sports Medicine in San Ramon, our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program has been an excellent option for those looking to help improve bone, ligament, tendon, and tissue injuries and conditions. Without surgery, we can inject a concentration of growth factors from platelet-rich plasma into the affected area. Our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program gives the body the assistance it needs to improve itself naturally.

Benefits Of Advanced Joint Pain Relief For Wrist & Hand Pain

Patients of Riopelle Sports Medicine in San Ramon who have participated in our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program typically need little to no downtime afterward. There are several hand and wrist conditions that our Advanced Joint Pain Relief Program can help improve, including:

  • Hand Arthritis
  • Basal Joint Arthritis
  • Instability
  • TFCC Tear
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Trigger Finger
  • Tendonitis
  • Wrist Sprains
  • Finger Fractures
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Torn Tendons / Ligaments / Muscles

Hand and wrist injuries should not limit your life. Our program can help you return to your daily activities without suffering from aches and pains. Give us a call today to see if you are a candidate for this program to help relieve your hand and wrist pain. You can reach our office at (925) 393-0333.

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